For pricing information please contact Holy Cross Cemetery. Please note there are no burials on Sunday or Major Holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Christmas).

Rules and Regulations

The Lots in the Catholic Cemetery are not sold in the sense that the title to the soil passes to the purchaser. The exclusive right to bury in them is alone granted, and that on the following conditions:

  1. No one shall be buried in the cemetery except in accordance with the laws and customs of the Catholic Church.
  2. All rules respecting the digging of graves, burial fees, tombstones, etc., which may be made shall be complied with.
  3. No lots purchased in cemetery are transferable by sale or otherwise without the consent of the priest in charge. This consent, however, is not to be withheld except for reasonable considerations.
  4. The Bishop shall always have the preferred right to re-purchase the burial privilege granted.

As used in these regulations, “Lot” means eight (8) or more grave spaces. The term, “Superintendent,” means the person in active control of Cemetery operations, and the Cemetery where authority is implied means the Priest who is Secretary-Treasurer.

  1. Upright monuments will be allowed only in Section C and then only One Monument to the Lot. All single markers will be grass level.
  2. Flat Markers will be used in Section E. All Double Markers will be placed at head of spaces; all Single Markers at the foot. No Monument or Markers will be allowed above grass level in this Section.
  3. All Lots in cemetery having more than one monument or marker above grass level will be made grass level where possible. No monument will be allowed on Lot that has a monument unless it is replaced.
  4. All monuments and markers of unusual size or shape must be passed by Superintendent before being installed. Monument must be in center of Lot.
  5. Monuments must be kept in sightly, safe, and repaired condition or they will be removed by cemetery.
  6. All markers must be either granite or bronze. All monument bases must be at least ten inches thick and base minimum four feet long. All work must be supervised by Superintendent.
  7. No monument or marker shall be placed on Lot until Lot is paid in full.
  1. No trees, plants or other flowers may be planted on Lots. No digging for pots or any other purpose.
  2. All trees and flower boxes should be removed by lot owners as soon as possible. This includes all perpetual lights, fencing, and all decorations interfering with cutting grass. No pot holes allowed on graves.
  3. Flowers of any kind may be placed on lots at any time but will be removed before each grass cutting. Flowers placed for special occasions will also be removed before grass cutting. Holy Cross Cemetery is not responsible for items left at gravesite.
  4. Funerals will not be held on Sunday or national holidays except by special permission of Superintendent. Funeral orders must be received at least thirty-six hours before funeral. No funerals after 2:00 p.m.

The cemetery will take every reasonable precaution to protect all private property of lot owners in the cemetery from loss or damage. Holy Cross Cemetery distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control. This includes acts of thieves, vandals, rioters and malicious mischief makers.


Donations for the perpetual care of Holy Cross Cemetery are welcome.  For any donations, please CLICK HERE.  Donations are not refundable and will be used for the perpetual care of Holy Cross Cemetery.


The Holy Cross Cemetery Manager is available to help with any genealogy requests.  Over the past 4 years, we have transitioned to a computerized database system.  During this transition, researchers meticulously searched public records to make sure we had the most complete information we could in our system.  Any requests can be emailed to or by telephone at (304) 622-7542.